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About Us

lizzy-kitchenMy name is Lizzy. I love to cook! I always have and always will.

I learned from my grandma and my mother! Heck, even grandpa taught me a few things about grilling.

This website started as a little bit of a hobby so that I could blog about different appliances that I have acquired over the years. It turned into an obsession.

And now it’s a resource. People can check out our reviews on a number of different kitchen appliances to help them select the right one.

What’s with the name?lemons

Well, I used to pick out appliances based on the price. It was when I was just in high school and college and I didn’t have very much money to spend on high-end products. Fast forward a few years…Now, I realize it usually isn’t cheaper to get several economy price models because they of of poor quality.


You know when you get a car and it breaks down quickly…they call that a lemon. In fact, most states have a “Lemon Law” to prevent car dealers from taking advantage of people. They don’t have the same laws for the kitchen! My goal is to help you keep appliances that are lemons out of the kitchen!

Hence, Lemons in the Kitchen.

Currently, we are focusing on Food Processor Reviews, helping you find the best model for your family.